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First off, this is not a Women’s Retreat! It is for sisters and brothers! We all need to restore the balance of femine and masculine energies within us – we ALL are created of a balance between male (shiva/yin) and female (shakti/yang) essence, and currently are working with grounding the divine feminine energies that have so beautifully entered our planet at this time!

This is a full-blown Shamanic gathering soul tribe! What does this mean? IT means that we are LISTENING👂🏼to what the mountain is guiding us to do in any given moment…each day will contain song circles, movement, meditation, ceremony, and nature adventure! We will all be riding the same energetic contiuum, and will be connected in what we feel like we need to do. It will be clear if we need to ground and have a gentle yoga session, or if we are high flying and want to drum and dance – or if we feel very creative or quiet and feel to paint or listen to our own hearts in that moment. The energy is swirling and we havethe opportunity to embody it! So, however we feel is best to embody the vibrations and calls of the mountain in the moment is what’s next. It will all be in a strong, safe container: Dana and I will be guiding you through different sessions/activities.

How to Prepare:

You are coming into nature, so prepare adequately with a tent, blow-up pad, sleeping bag, warm clothes, headlamp, and your camping stuff. If you’re flying from somewhere and do not have the access or ability to these things, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF ADVANCE! We will do our best to arrange gear for you ahead of time – but note there could be a rental fee.

Where to Arrive:

If you are coming on Wed, September 6, please arrive in Mt. Shasta City Park at 2pm! If you are coming into a nearby town via bus or train (or flying into Redding) PLEASE NOTIFY US so we can make arrangements to get you and help you get to town. We will go to Castle Lake to purify ourselves and make our initial offerings before ascending Mt. Shasta.

As noted in the offerings, you are welcome to join for any number of days, though we highly recommend you attend for the full offering to truly be receptive to the incredible healing and conscious upgrade potential. PLEASE SPECIFY when you are going to arrive. If you come the 2nd or 3rd day, we will need to coordinate in order to pick you up or, if you are driving, have you meet us 🙏. If you have a vehicle, let us know! We could use your help and you will be compensated for gas. We will be driving to a few different places on the mountain, as well as surrounding areas.

Who is this for?

If you’ve been traveling, festivaling, or at-home working, but feeling like you want a spiritual boost, an energetic/emotional/mental purification, heart-opening, grounding, family, commUnity, and true connection to the receptive, flowing, soft but powerful aspect of divine feminity to balance out all the ‘doing’, it’s for you.

I’ll be posting updates here and on the facebook page! Stay connected! Feel free to send a message to Sunsum or [email protected] to me (Hayley) and I will respond soon! Xoxoxox Blessings Sweet One 💓



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