Ahey 🏔Sweet Sacred Sisters and Brothers! And Dear Friends <3,

Some NEWS for the event you may want to 👂🏽!


We have been offering this events at an extremely low ‘friends and familly’ at cost special of $147 (not including food). This is the LAST 24 hours of this incredibly low price. At this time tomorrow (4pm on 8/30), the cost will go up to Tier 2: $181, which is STILL a steal for this type of offering!

We have been putting an INCREDIBLE amount of work into this event! This is NOT your typical outdoors retreat; we as facilitators have gifts that will assist you to recieve this powerful energetic Mt. Shasta transmission – as channels, we will get out of the way and allow what’s needed to come to you ✨.

⛺️ Due to the limited number of campgrounds in the sacred space, and a regulation against large groups, we have will be a closed group of 10 sweet brothers and sisters. We will also be able to keep a tight container in this way, and offer each member of the family more energetic and indivual connection. If this is calling you, let us know SOON! We WILL not be able to accept more than 10, and spots are filling up.

We are also offering 1-2 work/trade/partial payment options. One position may be filled, but do contact me if this is for you. 🔥

Blessings Upon Blessings Sweet and Sacred Soul Tribe! We so deeply love and honor your presence, and hope you will join us if it is your calling!