Accommodation + Meals

If you are interested in coming together with us on Mt. Shasta, this post is for you! For the past 3 weeks I have been communing with the mountain and surrounding areas, and been put through intense processes in order to receive the guidance the mountain wants for ALL of us. This is a VERY strong, special place to be – it Is truly a place people come to for prayer, clarity, transformation, and heart-opening, and we won’t have it any other way.


I looked into various options, from Stewart Mineral Springs to a large house, but the mountain wants none of that. We will be camping ⛺️! I camped for 4 nights during the Eclipse where we will be gathering, and it is a absolutely MAGICAL site, with vortices on either sides of the grounds!!! After staying in a variety of locations in town, and other areas, I will tell you that NOTHING compares to the energy of the mountain, and in a BIG big way! In order to receive HER medicine, sleeping there and waking up to offer our prayers to the heavens, and resting our heads into dreamtime after beautiful fire circles and singing and drum ceremonies is the best way to imbibe needed purification in our beings, through energetic vibrational contiuum of being grounded.

That means yes – bring a tent! We will have a communication group I’ll link in the comments for everyone to post what they need, where what-to-bring will be posted, and all details and updates will continue. This is a great way to see who is coming if anyone needs a ride, and to start getting to know our group. Think of this as a post-festival type decompression, with a highly spiritual charge, and soul family.


There will be a couple who is catering the event, and our fruits and veggies will be coming from a local, organic farm! Food is optional and extra, and prices will be posted early next week after finalizing costs with the growers and our chefs. Expect total deliciousness! And, if you don’t want the added expense, there is a health-food store and 2 stores in town (1 big one small), and you are absolutely invited to prepare your own food! If you’re not sure yet, 9/5 is the final call for letting us know! All meals will be served on-site.

🍇 Meals will be based on a raw, and vegan/vegetarian cuisine. Superfood bowls and smoothies for breakfast locally-sourced ingredients in salads, stews, curries, and tasty surprise creations! We will opt for a light, comforting and sound diet.

🌿 Nature is alive, and everything living is affected by energy and intention – especially the food we eat. Just as we plant seeds in the fertile soil of our souls in order to harvest rich spiritual growth, farmers who nurture and love their plants help us directly when we eat their produce. Consuming organic, and locally sourced produce is the best form of nurturing your body – and brings us into greater connection with the land itself. Intentional eating is a method of energetically altering the vibration of what you consume through gratitude and prayer. This transfer of energy is far more potent and attainable than most realize, and offers incredible potential for shifting and transformation. Once our intuition opens in all directions, we become more aware of the infinite possibilities to access our higher wisdom in every breath. Offering our body-temples nutrient-rich, lovingly grown produce is a great beginning! Get ready to enter a level of deepened communion together.

C O S T                           If you feel drawn to the mountain and to this gathering, but are low on funds, please send me a message and let’s see if we can work something out, because the pull of the mountain is feeling beyond what we understand on a day-to-day energy, and you coming is finding your deeper truth. Please also consider this has been my work and life for the past 4 months, and i simply ask you to honor my energy and commitment to bringing this to you ✨.