Getting There

W H Y ย M O U N T ย S H A S T A?

Like humans have certain points or energy centers throughout our body where energy can enter or is concentrated for specific, enhanced function, our planet, Earth, is blessed with energetic chakras and votexes too. Chakras function to align us with our Divine selves, supporting us in our growth as a spirit in a human form; they are heightened places that create this deepened connection to source and help us merge more intuitively in this arena. Vortexes are also places that show us more about ourselves, but they often do this through processes that bring us to our knees, showing us how we aren’t quite showing up authentically, and assisting us to work through karma in order to arrive more fully into ourselves with less ego. When we spend time in these places, there is an opportunity to become more of what we seek in a short period of time.

Ancient cultures knew about Shasta, and believed it to be a portal to a higher dimension of consciousness — and modern mountain goers can’t deny the power of the mysterious dormant volcano rising above the middle of flat grasslands. Many sightings, stories, and unexplainable occurences have kept this mother mountain on the radar for centuries beyond our knowing, but the magnificent presence of the volcano does have the power to assist in spiritual transformation if the person is open and present with her energy. At this time, we are going through a period of ascension in our spiritual conscious awareness, and embodying what is flowing into our growing recognition of souls with purpose is pivotal to assisting overall planetary transformation. As the primordial chakra of the Earth, spending a period of time on Shasta while engaging in grounding, creative, and ascending practices, will relieve soul loss, provide an opening for remembering your deepest wisdom, and boost whatever inner-knowing your blueprint needs to stabilize your foundation for the level of awareness needed in this moment. Vitality, like a fountain through you receiving love, will come with less effort, weaving a sacred story in your foundation of life – enhancing memory, creativity, clarity, love, and balance in your spiritual, mental-emotional and physical being.

This knowing of gathering at this site is one that first showed itself in hints beginning in 2008. Over the past 2 years, the vision has become powerful and poignant, to the point where I was pouring over content, waiting for the sign to visit. In Dec 2015, it felt so like it should be happening in summer/fall of last year, but for whatever reason, this is the time where we’re ready to embody the crux of whatever information or ‘downloads’ we will tune into in this upcoming September, Full Moon week. It’s a special Moon because it is The Harvest Moon – and the difference between rising moon times is very minimal, thus granting us the appearance of a full moon for nights in a row!


M O U N T ๐Ÿ” S H A S T A โœจ

I have to say, I entered this having no true understanding of what it meant for Mt Shasta to be called a major earth CHAKRA! I can attest that it’s unlike anywhere else I’ve experienced, but the top of the mountain is completely overcome with a feeling of being in somewhere like Nepal. Not only it is holy, but I feel the mountain is a guru (guru means ‘from dark to light’ – one that illuminates unconscious shadows and is a doorway to step into real inner-truth).

If you are on or have been on a spiritual path, or been to yoga, or experienced sadhana (a spiritual discpline or practice) in any sense, you know that truth is often confined between layers that need to be cleansed from our internal mental-emtional bodies, and is recieved often through discomfort, not ease and magic. Shasta is like this: she asks you to be willing to relinquish your desires and comforts in order to recieve her profound blessings and gifts. Physically, it is not a difficult place, but emotionally, it will cleanse you at all levels, so this is something you must will for yourself too. Resisting will make it somewhat disturbing! But it is very hard to look at truth, because we have lived from untruth unconsciously for so long. But, this is normal! This is why to make pilgramage to places like Mt. Shasta, for us to see the places we HAVE been living without refinement, and to allow those parts of us to die so we can be reborn and renewed. I can share that after a full full moon to new moon and plus process, i not only saw so much in myself i never have been able to see before, but permanently let go of some extremely misconfigured understandings about myself. I am at a whole new level beyond levels of unattachment, love, and peace! But this has not come for me without many tears, struggles, fear, grief, loneliness, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and LOTS of ceremony and prayer! The 2 weeks were all around prayer, ceremony, and deep release and communion with the area. Although this won’t be the case for you, especially since it’s just 4 days of communion, I ask you to look within yourself and make sure this sacred spiritual gathering is right for you now!

This is a very unusual dynamic, I know, but it is an opportunity to receive a massive shift, if that’s what you’re into! Just know as well, that even if you are not a ‘spiritual’ being, but the mountain or this gathering speaks to you, it is certainly meant for you too. All of us are living from spirit whether or not we pay attention, but the more we do, the more beautiful and special life becomes, with more magic, healing, adventure, connection, love, and communion with life on every level! Please please please ask questions or reach out if you need more understanding on what is right for you regarding this moment – let us support you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be fun! I just want you to know the realities of stepping foot onto a sacred place, or this place, in order to let you consider what you want out of coming.

Join us in this Divinely supported, Shamanic, Yogic, Lightworker, Craft & Creative, Holistic week of synergy, wellness and embodied connection to enhance your innate intution, explore the wonders of Shasta, and spend time with like-minded friends. In the blink of an eye, it’s possible to find lasting freedom and joy in full magic with your existence on this planet. We humbly thank our divine Mother for asking us to bring this great experience to her. Om Shanti, Namaste ๐Ÿ™.

A R R I V A L ย I N F O

Mount Shasta is located off Interstate 5 in Northern California. Shasta is 4 hours inland of the Pacific Ocean, SE of Kalamth National Forest, E of Six Rivers National Forest, and NE of Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

๐Ÿš† Amtrak stops only 15 mins away from the city of Mt. Shasta, in Dunsmir.

โœˆ๏ธ The closest airport serving the Shasta area is Redding (1 hr). Alternative airports to fly into are Ashland, Oregon (2.5 hrs) and Sacramento, CA (3 hrs). Greyhound Bus Line serves both routes, and arrives in Redding for $30 from both Ashland and Sacramento.

๐Ÿšย The Redding Area Bus Authority offers an express line from Downtown Redding directly to Mt. Shasta Mall. Pick-up times will be scheduled from here and from the Redding airport, depending on arrival time.

๐Ÿš‡ Greyhound Bus routes from from Canada, Mexico, and domestically, to Redding, CA.

From the Airport:

Shuttles are available (individual and group). Once we know who is coming and when, we will put together a couple shuttles for you to choose from!

Our initial meeting point is Mt. Shasta City Park (Headwaters) at 2pm on Sept 6! If you need transport from town please notify us!