The Divine Feminine

In the essence of spirituality and adventure, we will sing, meditate, pray, dance, breathe, explore, and embody our wisdom and light.  Instead of letting our lives be controlled by a dominant, power-hungry or ‘masculine’ way, we will learn to allow, receive, and nurture the Divine Feminine that resides within us all! By artfully imbibing new vibrational medicines, we can lovingly rewire how we treat ourselves, others, and let go of the conditioning that no longer serves us.

We are here to seek the renewal of Mount Shasta!  As a wave of beautiful, supportive energy awakens the kundalini energy of our planet, many of us are still pushing our way into and through that which needs doing. After all, our society still largely runs on the energy of deceit and greed. So, while we individually or even collectively may be pulled towards doing differently, we have been part of a certain way of operating for so long that it is hard to maintain strength in our internal knowing of what we want to do for ourselves.  We gather together to break free of that confinement!

Surrendering into the lap of the Divine takes a different standard of discipline and trust. Discipline, in the sense that we must stop our ‘doing’ and embrace ‘being’ in all moments. This surrendering is rooted in meditation. Trust, where we simultaneously let go of control where we think it is needed, and allow the grace of what is meant to occur express itself in that moment, in all moments. This does not mean we do not take action. It simply necessitates a deep breath between the thoughts, and enhanced clarity in our mental capacities.

Let Go to Let Know.




Yin Yoga & Guided Meditation





Chi Gong Flow & The Art of Conscious Movement



Rebirthing/Shamanic Breathwork





Drum & Rattle Shamanic Meditation Journey





Cacao Ceremony





Medicine Song Circle





Temezcal (Sweatlodge)






Native & Creative Ritual Crafts





Herbal Medicine Making



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