Schedule & Offerings

 🌲 S C H E D U L E 🌲

🏹 W E D N E S D A Y the 6th 

2 pm  Arrival: Castle Lake

6 pm Dinner

7 pm  Welcome Ceremony w/ Drumming and Medicine Song Circle

🏹 T H U R S D A Y the 7th

Morning Ceremony

Tea & Fruit

Mid-Morning: Vibrational Qigong Movement & Meditation w/ Hayley


Afternoon: Mount Shasta Excursion


After-Dinner: Ritual Crafting + Ceremony

🏹 F R I D A Y the 8th

Cacao Ceremony

Morning: Intuitive Breathwork w/ Dana


Waterfall Excursion


After-Dinner: Four-Directions Shamanic Journey w/ Hayley

🏹 S A T U R D A Y the 9th

Morning Ceremony


Ecstatic Dance w/ Dana

Sacred Closing Chanupa Ceremony w/ Song Circle

OPTIONAL: 6pm Temezcal ($30) at Stewart Mineral Hot Springs w/ Walking Eagle (tribal elder of the Karuk Tribe) Details  

Price: You are welcome to come to all of the days, or individual days or offerings. Individual offerings are a recommended $22 donation. This does not include food, but does include accomodation (camping). You are welcome to find your own accomodation in town. We love Dream Inn <3. Please call ahead to book reservations early!

Sept 6th-9th: $147*

Wed, the 6th: $33

Thurs, the 7th: $38

Fri, the 8th: $52

Sat, the 9th: $24

*price does not include food

🌲 O F F E R I N G S 🌲


In an untrained state, the human body is a constant manifestation of various levels of compulsiveness. By consciously forming the body into a certain posture, one creates a conducive passage for energy flow that can elevate one’s consciousness. It is one of very few practices that weaves breath, movement, mindfulness, and form. ‘Yoga’ literally means “to yoke”. The path of yoga cultivates our mind, body, and spirit into a place of balance. Yoga is embodied consciousness, connecting us to the presence of life as it is unfolds within and around us. Unlocking potential through our bodies invites a deeper wisdom into our lives. We are no longer ruled by emotions, thoughts, and discomfort. Deepening a body-mind connection supports health on all levels, and aligns us to a higher calling of Spirit, and our unique soul’s purpose. It is a practice which activates the system and balances a person’s energies, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind. This subtle process manipulates one’s energy in a particular direction, offering the possiblity to transform the body and mind for ultimate well-being.

If you feel intimidated by the word “meditation,” perhaps you’ll be delighted to know that you’ve actually been meditating all your life! You just weren’t aware of it. Although some people meditate by sitting on a cushion in lotus pose with eyes closed and candles lit, this isn’t the only way to meditate! Meditation is actually any moment where you are completely present, focused intently, yet relaxed and open. Meditation is simply being “in the flow.” You may have experienced this while walking, washing dishes, painting, or holding the hands of a lover. These moments of spontaneous presence are what life is all about! And so we practice meditation (candles, lotus pose, cushion, etc.) in order to become spontaneously present more often in our lives. To be present is to be living fully, with awareness and intention, with peace and love in your heart. And so, meditation is medicine. Meditation shows us how to go with the flow and accept change as it comes. Meditation shows us how to become our own healers of mind, body, and spirit. The present moment is the ONLY moment. As soon as we grasp that and start living in it, we are embodying the true medicine of meditation.

Chi Gong
Qigong or Chi Gong is an ancient Eastern practice used for both fighting and healing. Through movement and postures, qigong opens energetic channels in the body, unblocking physical and emotional manifestations, and ultimately allowing a greater flow of life force energy. Cultivating life force brings you to the present moment, and creates a heightened state of openness and receptivity. Deepening your connection to the Universal energy brings profound acess to clarity and deep healing. Through a series of particular movements for the upper, middle, and lower chakras or energy centers, a subtle opening occurs in all our nadis. Beyond the mental level, we may experience visions, insights, realizations, freedom of creative movement, and/or release of stagnant energy. A particular practice that has existed since ancient times for mind-expansion, I have adapted this style to segue into a free-flow, slow, rhythmic type of conscious movement for modern times.

Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Movement
Dancing is more than just movement. Our bodies are our memory banks, and moving creates space for the untamed emotions to leap within, releasing beyond the boundaries we carry around. Our bodies have a story to tell, and movement is our voice. Ancient, powerful, and uninhibited, we invite you to let go of what you think you are, and become that which you can be: limitless. When we dance, we become unified in potential with each other; energetically flowing in and out of unified consciousness. If we have the time and space to reconnect with that inner essence of sacred movement and dance, we can truly be recalled to a powerful healing space. Swirl, roll, jump, howl, be fast, go slow, lie down – it’s all welcome here.

Ecstatic dance is a form of conscious dance, a combination of moving meditation, soul-stirring music, self-expression and sweat.

Guidelines for Holding a Safe and Sacred Space:

  •  Dance and move however you feel it. There’s no right or wrong way to be ecstatic!
  • Be curious, open, and accepting. Please suspend judgements of self or other.
  • Refrain from talking on the dance floor.
  • Move with care and awareness through the space. Help us avoid collisions on the dance floor.
  • Be mindful of others’ personal boundaries.

 If you feel the power of excitement, inspiration, and unihibited wildness beckoning to be freed through the temple of your body, movement is a perfect way to work it.

Intuitive Breathwork
One of the most powerful gifts we are given in this human life is the breath. It is one of very few physical processes in the body that happens automatically, but we can also consciously change it! That’s why the breath is such profound medicine: it taps into every other system in the body. Long, slow, mindful breaths can help ease mental stress, bring you into the present moment, calm the sympathetic nervous system (decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline/cortisol levels), release physical pain, and find deep relaxation. While rapid, shallow breaths can bring about a stressful energy in your body, deep, slow breaths help you leap beyond any shallow thoughts and arrive at a quiet, peaceful space. The quality of your breath will tell you the state of your emotions, and by changing the breath, we can change our mood! The breath is our doorway to the present moment and our key to connecting to the wisdom and healing power within us. Intuitive breathwork is an easy, yet powerful therapy which uses the breath to release blockages, tension and stress stored in the body and subconscious mind. This is done safely with guidance and support.

Shamanic Journey
Since ancient times, communities in every nation have gathered and joined hearts in order to heal themselves and the planet with the sacred power and magic of sound. With merely a drum, rattle, and our voices, we can shift the vibration of our bodies into unity with the vibration of the Universe. The drum is known to help bring us into a meditative surrender – often known as a trance – supporting the release of stored subconscious trauma. The guidance of a shamanic journey can bring us many answers. A rattle vibrates our mental stream, shifting our awareness beyond the mental process. healing, and totally recalibrating us on a cellular level, helping us access ourselves in a purer state of being. Between a deep, low, drumbeat, varying vocal frequencies, and a higher-pitched rattle, we can tap into a unity energy consciousness that can truly be felt and received in our physical bodies and beyond. Indigenous toning, prayers, mantras, songs, and chants offer a unique forcefield, offering true wisdom and medicine for our vibrational bodies when we listen or join along.

 Medicine Song Circle
Everything in existence vibrates: you, me, that rock, this tree, those clouds. Everything is made of energy! Just like sound, anything that vibrates with energy has a frequency. You could say that everything has its own natural music made up of the energy frequencies that it reverberates. With this knowledge, we can use sound as medicine to affect the energy of anything we wish. We’ve seen in many studies that plants, sand, water, and animals are positively affected by sound vibrations that carry an intention of love and healing. Imagine how your own body can be affected by such powerful sound energy. And what’s even more miraculous is that our greatest tool for creating sound is inside of us- our voices! Your voice can be used to send healing energy to any area of the body that needs it. We truly are all healers born with the most magnificent tools right inside us. Through singing, chanting, and toning, we can use sound to release stress, soothe pain, shift energy, change attitudes, release blockages, create relaxation, and heal disease. In our sound workshop, we will show you how to create your own powerful healing mantra to use as medicine on your journey.

Cacao Ceremony                                                                                  

Raw, medicinal grade cacao has been known as a heart-opening, euphoria-inducing indigenous medicine for thousands of years. Revered by Mayan and Aztec deities, cacao is an excellent facilitator for creativite connection, emotional release, and insightful introspection. Containing the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan, and dopamine, cacao promotes mental alacrity, emotional well-being, deep relaxation, peace, and a heightened awareness to the present moment. Cacao is also full of antioxidants, minerals, and compounds that support healthy blood flow and body functioning. Most importantly, it’s delicious and rich! Once exclusively known as food of the gods, accessible only to the elite, we will get to enjoy raw cacao sourced locally from Keith the “Cacao Shaman” of Guatemala.

Herbal Medicine Making
Herbs are a powerful and supportive aid and remedy to alleviate illness and maintain health. Herbs are plants with healing qualities. Used preventavely, herbs can eradicate symptoms, detoxify, support immunity, balance pH, and cure maladies more effectively than pharmaceutical medicine, in many cases.
Familiar herbs and their uses are chamomile for sleep, peppermint for digestion, ginger for stomach aches, turmeric to boost immunity, and the many herbs we cook with, like parsley and cilantro, which cleanse our blood. In nature, we are always surrounded by an abundance of medicines. Some herbs are used for steams, while others are great for teas, tonics, balms, tinctures, or simply enjoyed in their raw state. Throughout the week, we will gather variety of medicinal plants and create our own unique concoctions.


A Temezcal, or sweatlodge, is metaphorically known as the womb of Mother Earth. There are various traditions of sweatlodge depending on the ritual of a specific culture, but they all have that knowing in common. When we enter a lodge, we are seeing the potential to be ‘reborn’. In a ceremony, each ‘door’ or ’round’ has a special significance, often representing the four directions or medicine wheel. Songs are sung, and prayers or intentions for an energy that direction carries are offered. The line between a temezcal and the fire is known as the ‘umbilical chord’ that connects us in our void state to an outer world. Temezcal offers us the opportunity to connect with animal spirits, ancestors, and all forms of life – as well as intensifying a surrending process and helping us let go of emotions we’ve been carrying. Sickness of many varieties has been healed through Temezcal. Often, special plants are prepared to add medicinal qualities to the vapor, in support of further healing. A guided ceremony can have the potential to deepen your connection to a Universal power that brings lasting clarity and health.