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Hayley’s journey has taken her through a variety of holistic health, mental-emotional, and spiritual lifestyles, cultures, and practices – all coming right back to herself. After suffering from anxiety, depression, and almost fallling into the genetic threshold of mental illness, Hayley found Hatha yoga as a University student in 2008. After countless pursuits for success and happiness in the material world, she wanted to put her life to rest. Yoga was the initial modality that lifted her above physical suffering. Sustaining a completely debilitating knee-into-back injury that started in 2009 initiated the psycho-spiritual journey that has completely changed her understanding of existence and her place in it. Always trying to escape the physical through types of spiritual practices, her awareness has actually been shaped by her body’s perscription to know itself through pain, and emotional imbalance. Vegetarianism to veganism to a raw food diet, into Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbs, and plant remedies of Central America – accompanied by Yoga, Chi Gong, Shamanism, and a sampling of many other traditions – continue pointing her back to her innate wisdom.

Hayley initially taught yoga, receiving her RYTT certification in 2010. After spending months in Isha Yoga Center, she knew teaching asana wasn’t her highest calling, and started offering other styles of movement for conscious connection. By offering combinations like chi-gong, estatic dance, and meditation in harmony with creative tools for expression like art, music, and writing, she found great success supporting others’ connection with their divine essence. Hayley’s highest excitment is offering Women’s Circles, Cacao, Chanupa (Sacred Pipe) and moon-based ceremonies and rituals. Hayley has completed various workshops, including Emei Qigong, Spring Forrest Qigong, Oneness Blessings, 5 Rhythms, Mayan Abdominal Massage, and more. She currently walks The Red Road, a spiritual path of dance and prayer for women. She Moon Dances in Costa Rica, and has joined countless Native American, Aztec, Peruivain, and Mayan rituals and ceremonies. She has completed advanced multi-day silent meditation programs, like Vipassana (2012) and Samyama (2014), and was also a raw food prep chef for Go Raw Cafe in San Diego from 2012-2013.

Hayley has spent most the last 4 years abroad or living in consecrated environments. Her spiritual travels began in 2013, as a Volunteer at Isha Yoga Center, then continued into India and Nepal through 2014, picking up again in Feburary of 2015 with a 2-year journey in Costa Rica, and ending with 4 months on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, until recently. She is now living in Mt. Shasta, having been guided to come to the mountain to receive unfolding spiritual guidance, offer ceremony, and beyond. As a musician, she finds the deepest joy sharing music this through mantras, ceremony songs, and native chants from the Peruvian, Aztec, Spanish, and Native American traditions, as well as her own unique voice. She has participated in a wide variety of ceremony for many years, and continues to merge her offerings with the current energetic vibrational frequencies based on spiritual guidance and the moon’s cycle. Eternally a student, she is humbled and honored to share the gifts she has recieved through so many processes over the years. Namaste.

Dana Coman (aka Sharada) is a certified Isha Yoga teacher and the founder of In Yoga Now.

Born and raised in Romania and residing in USA for 18+ years, she has been practicing Yoga for 16 years now, and Isha Yoga for about 4 years. She spent 4 years studying yoga and meditation in Trinidad, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal. Her passion is sharing Classical Hatha Yoga with the world.

“Yoga and breathwork have transformed my life in many ways. They have improved my health and brought well-being in my life, but most importantly they started the journey to find my true self. It is very hard to find health and happiness and sustain it. We often see glimpses of our own divinity, and we sometimes recognize our true nature, but it’s hard not to be distracted – and misled – by the physical world. Meditation has helped me look within and find the “real” source of happiness. I can’t help, but want to share these gifts with everyone I meet, as true happiness and transformation is possible for each and everyone one of us. Yoga and Breathwork are technologies which show us the way. They work for everyone!” Dana

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Hai Phung Tran is a multi-discipline designer and artist. She believes that design should be used as an agent for change, and uses her experience in architecture and design, construction and planning to build more sustainable environments. As an artist, her work is a synergy of her studies into the history of sacred symbol and image around the world. Her soul journeys have led her to Costa Rica, where she is now based as she explores these themes. There, she is surrounded by the regenerative power of the jungle and ocean, and where she can keep her finger on the pulse of nature’s truth and wisdom.


“I’d been seeking sisterhood for a while, and Hayley opened my eyes, my heart and my world to this divine bond and so much more. I’m eternally grateful that she created a space where women could gather, to share without boundaries, love with warm nurturance and empower with courage! My gratitude is endless, especially for the inspiration to take this home to my roots, and discover beautiful new depths in a once familiar land. Womb warming teas, powerful meditation, singing and dancing together, I always left feeling so nourished, mind, body and soul. I’m especially moved by the lack of judgment and brave openness, that seemed to flow so naturally despite the initial fear. Thank you my love, my light, my sister ~ I hold you so close to my heart.” -Emma Connelly, England

“Hayley creates a space that is both open and expansive, as well deeply grounded in nature. She holds a safe container that allows people to feel comfortable to move from their roots and grow through whatever process is coming up for them. This wisdom she carries is knowledgable and intuitive derived from ancient and new teachings of today which allows for a beautiful flow of integration of spirituality, the mental, body, and soul.” -Ariana, USA

“I went to Sharada for support in freeing up emotional blockages. With her intuitive guidance, experience and support, I felt safe to really explore my body through breath work on a very deep level. Her energy and utmost care helped me to go to places I would never have been able to on my own.
I ended up feeling full with peace and gentle love at the end. My mind was so clear that I suddenly received an answers to questions I have been asking for the last 13 years about self-worth. It was a marvelous, extraordinary re-connection with my true self.
I still have a long way to go but by helping me to understand my behaviour and giving me the answers and guidance that I needed, I know how to help myself now. I would highly recommend her work to all.
Thank you can only be humble words face to my gratitude❣🙏. Gabi – Oradea, Romania

“If there’s one word I’d use to describe Dana as a yoga teacher, it would be: authentic. And I don’t say that easily. She’s simply there to help transmit an incredible practice to you with an open heart. I did the Surya Kriya workshop with her, and came away not only touched by her dedication but also inspired to do the practice every day. If you get a chance to attend a class, workshop, or retreat with her, I highly recommend it.” – Sean Kelly

Note: Dana and Hayley met at Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India, and became instant friends, with a strong sisterhood connection. After initially keeping in contact, they lost touch for some time. Dana continued to pursue spiritual life in the ashram, and then segued into feminine and shamanic-based trainings in Thailand; Hayley lived in Costa Rica following a somewhat similar journey, from a very different background/tradition. Out of nowhere, they experienced an unexpected reunion at a bus station in a remote village on the Caribbean coast of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, where Hayley was living, and Dana vacationing. After speedily catching up on a 10-minute ride and seeing their lives had taken a weirdly parallel Spiritual course, they exchanged info and continued to catch up online. Incredibly, a sweatlodge was planned for the following day with two loving, powerful women Hayley had spent time with and learning from. She invited Dana. Spending the following morning in sweatlodge together proved to both of them how much they needed to reuinte and offer something meaningful to others, based on all the work and growth they had witnessed together and apart. Both ladies are excited to be together again and finally offer a combined, extended retreat! So out of a magical moment, with fully open hearts and endless gratitude, we cannot wait to extend our gifts and training for a sensual week of spiritual bliss, surrender, creation, adventure, and love. We welcome you with abundant thanks for your gifts, intentions, presence, and willingness to surrender to the wisdom the Divine will bless us with during this powerful Full moon!